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"Cold" - Diet Folk [Music Video]


Diet Folk, a band out of Duluth, asked me to make an animated music video for them. This is the result.
Warning - Pretty graphic violence... by request of the Diet Folk guys...

Check them out on Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, whatever. They're good.

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Re: "Cold" - Diet Folk [Music Video]

that was great. really good job and the ending was so...unexpected! congrats:)

Re: "Cold" - Diet Folk [Music Video]

Wonderful job! The color grading fit really well I thought. Cinematography was gorgeous and the animating was super! The video fit the song really well. Glad to see another great Brickfilm Music Video! All this being said, it reminded me a bit too much of 0ldScratch's music video for Printed Circuit - Brick It. It was just too close to being the story of that video. You saved that a bit by having the ending be quite different though. Did they give you an idea of what they wanted, or did they just give you creative liberty to do whatever? It's cool that more Brickfilmer's are starting to be commissioned for work like this. Keep up the awesome animating, it's so smooth!

Re: "Cold" - Diet Folk [Music Video]

Thanks for the feedback RS! Someone else mention that too, similarities to Brick It, which is one of my favorites. I went back and watched it and does share a lot, too much perhaps with it, but it must have been a subconscious thing, because I had no intentions of making it similar or even realized I was. Overall, the band left it up to me, but they were the ones that wanted it to end the way it does! Hah! That was their fun twist to it.
I really appreciate the Diet Folk guys for this, because they were the ones to approach me and ask me to make the video for them, so that's really cool.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for watching guys! mini/bigsmile