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LEGO Star Wars - Fox of the 501st


A squad of clones, under the leadership of Commander Fox, go on a mission to destroy a droid base which is manufacturing a new super weapon!

➜Custom score composed by Jason Bentch:
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LEGO star wars video Fox of the 501st created by Zach Boivin (ZachFB Studios)

Re: LEGO Star Wars - Fox of the 501st

Well.... This exhibits a growing trend in your recent videos, although this is the first one where it's really hurt the film.
That trend being relying on SFX to make/enhance the bulk of the scenes instead of using something in-shot, or simply leaving it. (Multiplying the trees, putting the bombs on the door, and "8:30" are good examples.)

You kinda lost me right-off-the-bat with the sound-alike Star Wars theme music. With that particular song, you either have to use something entirely different, or bite the bullet and use the real thing.

The plot wasn't anything special, the effects were good, but very noticeable, (AKA, they didn't blend well with the original shot) and it seems to heavily lean on three things.
1. Animation (Great, the animation was fantastic as usual. Although some scenes could do with more.)
2. Effects (So-so, overuse paired with the obvious-ness of being done in post both hurt the "Wow/Cool" factor.)
3. Star Wars (Meh, means nothing to me anymore, but it is good to see a decent brickfilm using that theme.)

While it was a good brickfilm, it had it's flaws.

Really, just work on getting the SFX to blend with the real shots more, since that was by-far the biggest problem. mini/wink