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The Shrouded Past


Here it is, finally! I worked long and hard for just over a month on The Shrouded Past, I hope you enjoy it.
Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.
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Re: The Shrouded Past

Well, I'm sorry. I know you must have worked hard on this. But, I was expecting a bit more.

The ending was a bit silly and random and I thought the quality was a bit off at times. The masking at the time when Coulson was

Spoiler (click to read)

walking down the stairs (and the Nightly News at Nine came on)

was bad and you could see that he was standing on a clear brick. And the screen didn't fit on the TV; it was sideways. I also thought the Kevin MacLeod music was unfitting. For me, I think the train station scene is supposed to be gripping, but I didn't think the song fit.

At times, I could not understand what the characters were saying. Like, when Coulson

Spoiler (click to read)

was in the subway station, hiding behind the map,

I couldn't understand what he said. Worst something?

I hope I don't come off as mean to you. I'll be honest, the plot interested me. I just think the quality sort of ruined it for me. I'm sorry if you take offense.


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Re: The Shrouded Past

Hey Mickey it wasnt bad for what he had to work with also I know the quality was a downer at times but over all I would give it a more 6/10 because of the camera he was using and for what he had to work with.

And jonn don't let him get you down remember failure is the bride to success.

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Re: The Shrouded Past

Oh no Mickey, I appreciate you being honest.  I think I should clear a few things up though...
I'll agree with you on the audio levels...they need some work.  I didn't mask on that jump because I just got a new program and didn't have time to learn.  Same with the TV screen, I had to just use the theing in iMovie for that ( which is why it's crooked). 
I went through a bunch of music and the stuff during the train station was the best I found, it pretty much gave the mood I wanted. 
By quality I'm not sure if you mean the actual camera quality, the animation, or the fx.  As for the camera, I have a Logitech Vision Pro which is pretty good, but not the best. 

Oh yeah, did I mention I had to do all this in less than a month?  It was for an online high school film class and I had to de everything in just about, maybe a little less, than a month.  That's why I didn't have time to fix things like the TV or the masking. 

Even if you didn't like it very much, thanks for watching and taking your time to leave feedback.

Re: The Shrouded Past

I liked it. I will admit at times I also had
a hard time understanding some of the lines but overall
good job.