Topic: Using LYTRO Camera for 3D Brickfilms?

So apparently the new LYTRO camera ($400-$600) can not only adjust the focus of an image after it is taken, but it can also perform a non-processed parallax shift effect.  (See the video below)

I think if this technology were used properly, brickfilms would be relatively easy to make in 3D, since the LYTRO only has one lens, and would not be too cumbersome to use on the set.  Also, the distance between the "two" points of view would only need to be 5-10mm. (The distance between a minifig's eyes, maybe a little more)

The only problems I can think of are the rather small 1080x1080 resolution, and the fact that the LYTRO cannot at the moment be used via a computer, making it difficult to animate with.  However, I can see this camera becoming very popular among the brickfilming community once the company releases a higher resolution model that can be used like a webcam.

Anyone have any experience with the LYTRO camera, or just thoughts or opinions about this idea in general?