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Monster In The Closet


Guest-starring TheFourMonkeys.

Please head over to the film's Rebrick page and vote for it there by clicking "Like"! I entered it in their Halloween contest . Much obliged!

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That was probably your best video of the year (I'll be honest, I didn't like Jive Owl that much)! The set design was really nice, and Little Monkey's voice acting was really good. mini/smile

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That was very funny and MM, DM, & LM did very well! (Might not have recognized BM if he was in there). Well done KG, well done. mini/smile

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Re: Monster In The Closet

Very nice, KG. Animation was really nice, and the voice-acting was superb.
That gave me a good laugh. mini/smile

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Re: Monster In The Closet

Haha. One of your best, KG. The only thing I could see wrong is some unnatural movement when the monster peeks out of the closet, and quite visible putty/clay on the bear's hand.

Re: Monster In The Closet

The night lighting was nice, real nice. Special mention to the Monkies for the great voice work.


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Re: Monster In The Closet

Not my favorite of your films, felt like the idea was pretty dumb and whatevs, not up to usual KG standards IMO

The sets and timing and voice acting were really nice though ;Y

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Re: Monster In The Closet

Haha, that made me chuckle. I liked the lighting especially. mini/yes

And now, for some reason, I can't stop watching this.

Re: Monster In The Closet

Monster In The Closet won the Rebrick Flick Halloween contest!


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lol that made me crack up

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Congratulations, KG! mini/bigsmile