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Adele: "Turning Tables"


From Adele's Grammy Award-winning album "21"

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For anybody who is interested, I have uploaded the video on YouTube

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Lovely mouth animation but her lips are kind of creepy mini/what

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cool, wht'd ya use for the mouth animation?

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@Cooked Cat

I made the lip movements themselves on Microsoft Paint and then I animated them on Sony Vegas Movie Studio against a blue background. After that, I chroma-keyed them on Adele's face and used some other effects to line them up with her head movements.

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Nice and smooth animation, but Adele's lips looked like pretty strange eh mini/bigsmile

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Thank you.
Adele's lips are a little off because this was the first time that I made lips move in a music video. Hopefully, it'l get better over time, because I plan on making the lips of minifigs move in videos (especially music videos) from now own.