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Kitchen Sink - Late for the Soccer Match

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In this entry to's Kitchen Sink contest, soccer team captain Peter Whitman is late for the championship soccer game! With strong determination, he vows to get there, regardless of the cost. He's willing to take a jetski, get blown into the air with dynamite, hitch a ride on a train, and even travel back in time through a wormhole, just to make it on time! With several hilarious and wacky combinations, it's rarely the same movie twice! How will you get there? Watch it in 3-D!

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Re: Kitchen Sink - Late for the Soccer Match

I enjoyed this one very much! mini/yes Aside from some really choppy animation and rushed masking effects, I liked the concept. I couldn't tell which one was the end, though. I'm used to watching interactive videos with only one ending. I did find your voice acting at the beginning a little unenthusiastic when Peter said, "I'm late, I'm late." however. But, no biggie. mini/wink


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