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Batman: Plastic Justice

April 2020 Update:
Yes, you'll see a lot of comments about this not being available. I originally shared the Tongal link back when the film was made, but that was quickly taken down on their website. I didn't think I could release it publicly myself, but it was pointed out that all the other winners did, so I should be fine.

I hope you enjoy this newly released blast from the past!

Finally available publicly, here's my entry into the "LEGO DC Super Heroes Video Contest" that Lego hosted back in 2012.
This film, placing fourth, eventually ended up on the Direct-to-DVD release "Lego Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite" as a special feature.

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Lol. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's viewable! ;P

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Maybe Lego is waiting to release it or something.  The only viewable entires are the first place winners for the DC and Marvel contests.

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y u no post on youtube? I was so looking forward to this, because I believe you could give us a different approach to Batman :*(

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He can't post it on YouTube:

Q&A on DC Video Project wrote:

Q: When can I share/post videos elsewhere?
A: Sharing videos in this contest is not permitted.

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OK, to clear up any confusion, this is NOT Batman: The Timeless Knight.
This is your typical modern Batman animation, just without Robin, bad voice acting, blood, choppy animation, curse words or stupid/nonsensical jokes.

Now, for one reason or the other I can't see the Q&A section on the Tongal website. It's just a blank page.
So while that "Share" may mean I can't link to the video, even the Tongal page, I wasn't corrected when I said this on the "DISCUSSIONS" page:

I think you can link to the video's page here on Tongal. But that's it. No posting the video anywhere else is allowed.

Therefore, I'm assuming that once the video is made public, I can link to it all day long. BUT the Tongal support hasn't yet returned my message (Or anyone's messages for that matter) regarding when/if the videos will be available for public viewing. The strange thing is, Tongal is sorta playing with my head, because earlier I could see my video even when logged out, but now I can't. That was why I thought it had gone public.

I'm sorry about this, and should have triple-checked the link before posting it here. I was impatient, and apologize for jumping the gun and getting you guys all exited for nothing.

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Who else thinks they're waiting for the comic con screening to show the winners? mini/sad

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Tongal guy wrote:

The sponsor asked that Black Friday [1st place DC film] and the 1st place Marvel video both be made public. They have not said anything about the other submissions yet. I assume they want to wait until after Comic Con to release the others.

I would expect submissions to be viewable/shareable on November 1st.


If only they had said this before...

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Still nothing?

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Don't get me started....Just don't. mini/madhead

Mr. Tongal guy has begun ignoring any and all questions put to him on the subject.
So in between lack of answers, and contradictory info, I don't know much. The only bits of silver lining are the really cool (And unexpected!) trophy in my current siggy, and the nice large check that is now in my bank account.
The last thing that I heard was this:

...the winning videos will be included on the upcoming 2013 LEGO Batman the Movie: DC Superheroes Unite DVD release in March of 2013...

But the official rules say only first place gets on the DVD, so yeah....

Being on a DVD would be nice, but the total lack of info from the very start has being incredibly confusing.
That being said, I am lucky enough to actually get something for my trouble, and feel really sorry for those who didn't place, haven't gotten any money for their time and effort, and yet are still not allowed to share their videos.

In other words, just ignore this release until I bump it with new info. And don't look for it being public anytime in the near future....Assuming it will even be available on YT/Tongal. (Since it may very well be a DVD exclusive.)

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Someone on tongal suggested if you change it enough from the original you may be able post it.(new music, voice actors,a new or revised scene, etc.)

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I don't think that I can do that.
It may work for those who didn't get any prize money, and still legally own their film, but Lego technically "Bought" the film when I won the contest, meaning that they own all the rights to everything.
And I'd rather not make a mistake and get tangled up in a big legal mess...

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What did you win since they "bought" the film though?

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Good point.
I guess I'm going to have to buy a DVD next year. mini/sad

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END films wrote:

I guess I'm going to have to buy a DVD next year. mini/sad


@1011Ev: I believe the rules that LEGO laid out were that LEGO would own all the winning videos once the winners were picked.

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I read the T&C's and by entering you give the sponsor and Tongal the right to do with it what they wish. Re-edit, distribute whatever. However it didn't say exclusively meaning it is still your property. The later competitions now do state that you sign away all rights by entering. The only difficulty in releasing is if you used the AudioSocket tunes as you would only have right to use it in the competition. As I didn't place I re-dubbed the audio and put it up on YouTube.
If you wanted your film to be on the DVD I would hold off on a public release until after that.


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Re: Batman: Plastic Justice (It's public!)

It's watchable now! At least for me. Anyway, I thought it was brilliant! Great animation and cinematography! Can't wait for the Timeless Knight!

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Yep, looks like it's available.  On a slow network so I'll comment later.

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I can see it when I'm signed-out, so I'm assuming that it's gone public.
Would some others please check the link and confirm that please? mini/eh

And thank you Tobias for alerting me to the change.

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Yup, I can watch it.

And I really like it. Sometimes the lighting looked a bit weird, but not very noticeable. And there were a couple sound effects that were too loud, soft, or didn't fit.

But, it was still really good, definitely your best. Good job, and congratulations! mini/smile

Edit: Oh, yeah, I love the coin flip.