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As you may know, Rinto51 and I are working on a music video for MGMT's song Time To Pretend. It is not supposed to be exactly a shot by shot recreation, but there are many references to the original video in my production. The main difference is that while the official video takes place over what seems to be a really weird trip, our music video takes place at a concert with various trippy scenes interspersed.
Our video is also heavily inspired by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, so we are trying to recreate the quirky and campy feel of that film. For this I was wondering if anybody on this forum has the ability and the willingness to do the comic-style special effects.
Here are a few examples. please disregard the large plasma dragon, because we are not planning on having one of those. All we are looking for is someone who can make the little lightning bolts and action lines and stuff come out of the guitars and drums. … re=related
I was also hoping to incorporate a few references to the original video, so I was wondering if anybody could do effects like that for me, or at least give me some pointers on how to do these effects.
Thank you, help is greatly appreciated!! mini/smile

EDIT: Also this is highly unlikely but I remembered we had a Mario Kart scene and... Can anybody make those counters on the side that makes it look like a video game? Again, thanks!

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anybody? mini/cat

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One way, and I'm not going to say it's very easy, is to make a GIF in GIMP of a lightening bolt moving like the ones in the clips. (You could make several styles, say, a wavy, a straight, and indistinct one, Ect...)
The reasoning for that is that the "Bolts" in the clips changed a lot for each frame, so the minor differences in each one's outline/position would automatically create that effect. Then just bring that into your editor, put it on top of the plate footage, and then scale it up or down, turn it, or manipulate it to fit the scene. Do that with several of the "Bolts," place them around the drum for example, and voila, there you have it.

You could even, if you'd rather, make the frames individual pictures, bring them into MJ and export it as a video.

The key would be having them slightly transparent, and getting the movement right.

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Re: Scott Pilgrim style special effects?

That's a really great idea, but the one big problem with it is that I don't have an editing software advanced enough to do this (lol, iMovie)
I was just wondering how easy this would be to do in after effects or what, and I anyone is willing to do them for me
It's not because I am lazy, it's because I don't have the resources to do this at the time.
But thanks for your advice anyway man mini/smile

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I don't have After Effects, so I don't know how to do it, but if Sony Vegas has that feature, I'm sure AAF does.

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I might be interested, tell me more, and how long the parts you want it for are... then I'll think about it...

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After Effects totally has is Pritchard. Yeah, I'd say contact Cooked Cat. mini/tongue

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