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The Orb of Prosperity


Gosh, this was a long one to make! It took me nearly half a year! I'd like to give a big thank-you to all the people who helped, voiced and did tricky effects! I'm glad you thought Bob and Oliver could do it.

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Nice job, Kees! The animation and cinematography were both quite good! I also really enjoyed how you did the overlay of the map as they were journeying, I thought that looked cool. Also, the ending was perfect! Didn't see it coming, but it was dramatic and made me think. Great message as well as a nice film. Good job to the voice actors too!

I did think that the story felt a bit rushed at times. There should probably be a bit more in between the main moments of the film. Perhaps better transitions from one scene to the next would be of benefit. Another minor thing that I noticed was a really short spot of black video where two shots weren't connected in your timeline perfectly (towards the beginning of the film).

The sets for your film were also good by the way. I would suggest however that you make your backdrops look less obvious. In the scenes on the beach, this could be done by simply making some sand "hills" in front of where the backdrop comes to the base plate. In addition to this, moving the backdrop further away from your set instead of directly connected will help it to be blurred out more in your shots, giving it a more realistic feel.

Congratz on finishing a longer project and making it come together! Look forward to seeing more from you. mini/smile

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@Repelling Spider Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to pace my next film better and I totally agree with you. The black spots are something that Vegas does, as I always check to see if they are connected, but oh well. As for the sets I'll try to work on that too, and especially the focus since I'm looking in buying a DSLR (the 7D probably). Anyway glad you liked it, and I can tell you that a new film is already in the making mini/smile !

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First, I am proud to have joined the crew! mini/cat

I loved the story, animation and sets, but I thought a few shots were strange (like at 1:32).

Anyway, you did a great job! mini/wink

   -Concept: 7.5/10
   -Story: 7/10
   -Cinematography: 8/10
   -Sound: 6/10
   -Music: 7/10
   -Animation: 7.5/10
   -Effects: 7.5/10
   -Voice acting: 7.5/10
   -Sets: 7.5/10

→OVERALL: 7.5/10

*The Overall rating as nothing to do with the other categories... It's just my overall appreciation of your film.

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Re: The Orb of Prosperity

@Loïc F-B Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it.

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Nice job! As for feedback, Repelling Spider said it well. One thing I would add, though, was that the audio mix could have been put together a little better. There's a lot of variance in volume between voices and certain things were hard to hear.

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Alright, the one thing that really stood out was that I sounded really bored saying those lines. mini/frustrated

Maybe I'm just a perfectionist, but I really should'a re-recorded those, and it's all my fault. As to the rest of the audio, there wasn't quite enough time between some of the lines. ("...easy to get out then" "Let's see..." and "Let's go forth!" "It's eerie in here." and "Ha!" "Well, I guess this is yours.") Sometimes weren't sounds when there should have been. (Getting out the chest and kicking the rock.) And the credits music didn't match the mood of the film IMHO. Toning down the thumping to be more of a background beat would have sounded a lot better.

For everything else, I might as well quote Repelling Spider. mini/XD

P.S. What was the part you used for the orb? I can't seem to find it on Bricklink.

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Thanks for all your guy's feedback mini/smile !

@Pritchard Studios I got it with an old LEGO kingdoms set. I don't remember which though.

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Good film man! Also to the voice actors good job. Like Spider said, it seemed pretty rushed at points, as the pacing seemed off. The film seemed to wrap itself up too fast. Most of the animation was pretty good, there may be a slightly better run cycle to use though, but running is such a pain to animate IMO. Overall great film, I enjoyed it!

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@Olsonstudios Oh yeah, I totally I agree. Run cycles are a pain, especially if the figure keeps falling over mini/lol .

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I use sticky tack while animating a run cycle.

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That was great! I really loved the bit where he woke the other guy up. mini/smile

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@ZP Thanks! I'm glad you have enjoyed the movie!