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This is my newest film it has no focus flicker or light flicker and was animated at 21 FPS

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Firstly, that opening tune is really obnoxiously overused. I'm not holding it against you; just sayin'.

The animation was really smooth (since it was at 21 FPS) and, yes like you said, there was no light flicker in the film. Seems you've taken care of that problem! One thing I did notice, though, was the minifig shook around, in its place, a few times. But, overall good job!


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This is my favorite brickfilm since I watched Houdini. All the stars for you!

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Glad you got rid of your flicker problem man! Now as for the animation, it was defiantly pretty smooth, though you probably could have gotten just as smooth animation at 15 fps. But over all, you have really improved!
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Thank You all for the great feedback! mini/bigsmile

Well now this tread is done with feed back thanks everyone who posted feedback!

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