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Mighty Mikie's adventures


This is the first episode of my fantasy era story.
Elves, monsters, knights and a lot of fun and adventures are coming!

Re: Mighty Mikie's adventures

I didn't really have time to watch the whole thing. But what I did watch, I think you could have eased in and eased out. The arm animation definitely didn't show that.

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The animation isn't that great, but it's nice to see another Russian brickfilmer!
Анимация не так уж хорошая, но это приятно видеть другово Руского брикфилмера!

Re: Mighty Mikie's adventures

Guys, thank you for your attention you paid to my creation. Deffinetly it's not perfect and I'm ready to work and to improve mi skills. Kind an interesting challenge )) But except of animation I also would like to hear in the future your opinion about the screen play also. It rather hard to judge about it after the only one episode.