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Seth Masterson vs. Shark Hoops

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It's a lovely day on the set for "Late for the Soccer Match," but something has gone wrong! The evil bank robber has come to destroy the movie with his own sport: Shark Hoops! What will happen to Seth Masterson and his movie? Who will get a real bite out of this original sport? Watch this manical entry to the Nightly News at Nine's "Olympics Schmolympics" contest to find out! Watch it in 3-D!

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Re: Seth Masterson vs. Shark Hoops

Nobody else has commented, so I guess it's all up to me. mini/smile

The animation was surprisingly good. You may want to add some more movement when people are talking, but other than that it was quite well done. BUT, you really need to turn off the automatic lighting features on your camera. Go into the software and turn every teeny-tiny little thing to manual. That should fix most of the flickering.

The aspect ratio was really weird though. Most films are 16X9 or 3X4, either one of which has the longer side being horizontal. Is there any particular reason that you have it like that?

The sets were kinda plain, and other than the after-credits scene, they were composed of mostly pre-built Lego designs. It'd look a lot better if you made your own buildings, and doing so would allow you to build exactly what you need for each shot. The back wall at 1:15 was obviously composed of three blue panels, so next time around you should try to make them blend together better. The whistle design was really cool though, did you make it yourself?

The plot was pretty good, but it had more potential that what you made it look like. I understand that you can only do so much in less than two minutes, but it really should have been further developed.

Not bad, (Other than the seizure-inducing light-flicker) just fix a few of the camera issues, work on your sets, and you'll be doing great.