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Based off Frederick Brown's "Shortest horror story ever".
Made for BRAWL 2012 on
Didn't get as much time to work on it as i'd have liked to. Got it done at least!

Also looks like youtube made the sound slightly behind... so that sucks.

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Re: Knock [BRAWL 2012]

AWESOME! It was amazing. It was also very creepy, but that's a good thing! Well Done! mini/smile mini/smile mini/smile

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Thanks mate! Thanks for the comment mini/tongue

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I already knew the story so I knew what to expect, but it was very well done and I enjoyed it anyway.

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I hope this is going to rank high in the contest, great entry. I love that the simpel ending is more powerful than the effects-filled beginning (which is a good thing, and not to say that the effects aren’t good- they are). Also, as I said on YouTube, the shot at 0:30 is awesome.