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BRAWL 2012: Animator


Here is my daft entry to BRAWL 2012.
I feel I could of put a lot more effort into it, but there's always a BRAWL 2013. :-3

Re: BRAWL 2012: Animator

I like the concept, and the execution was great.

The fire effects were done quite well, not too much, not too little, but right in that beautiful sweet-spot. (Hope you don't mind when I steal that!) And when the first minifigure moved, what it did was very unexpected, so great job it that was your intent. The ending was cool, but really could have been improved with some maniacal laughing.

Of course, it had too much live-action for my tastes, after all, it's an animation contest. But overall it was a good film, and fits well with your......Unique style.

Re: BRAWL 2012: Animator

Yeah, on Friday, when I was editing it, I thought it had way too much non-animation in it. But it was a bit too late to change it. Oh well.
Glad you like it though mini/smile