Topic: making a shower effect

I've been trying to work out how to make a shower effect for an upcoming film but I'm not sure how

any suggestions?

Re: making a shower effect

do you have After effects?

Re: making a shower effect

Pour water through something which will disperse it as a shower would in several separate streams. Take a picture as you're pouring the water. Just make sure that the water has someplace to go which won't make a mess.

Theoretically, it should give you a rather realistic water effect.

And if you have some great effects program, perhaps add a bit of steam, but it would be perfectly alright without that.

Re: making a shower effect

You could use rain effect and squash it so it only covers the area where the shower outputs to

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Re: making a shower effect

For a hand-animated film of mine, I animated rain using MacroMedia MX.  I drew a rain drop, made it move across the screen with a motion tween, then cloned the virtual cell (layer) and placed them at different spots.  I changed the aplha setting, making the raindrops see-through.  If you have Macromedia flash, you can animate a shower the same way, except that you need a lot more layers, and they all move from the same area of origin.

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