Topic: [Casting Call] The Wife Of Bath's Tale (ALL TAKEN)

The Wife Of Bath's Tale

I was doing this story at school one day, and i thought it would make an excellent Brickfilm
if you want you can read the Story Summary.

Knight (Peter) Main character of the film. Aged in early 20s. Medium pitch voice. Is known for his love of pleasure. 15 lines.] Test Line: What is it that women most desire?Taken by ManVan]

King Arthur Deepish voice, angry in the lines he does.
3 lines.] Test Line: But he committed such a horrid act, he should be punished!
Taken By Si665]
Random Boy can be any voice at all, as long as its a guy
1 line.] Test Line: ummm im a guyTaken By krakovibrick man]

I really need these voice actors as my films look really stupid with just me doing the voice. If anyone needs a girl voice for any of their films i would be quite happy to do them in return for mine.
Send Testlines To:]My e-mail address


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Sent you a test line for King Arthur

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Alright! Another voice acting role for me. Thanks EmmaExecute mini/wink .