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Whatever you do, don't open the letter.

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I like the movie idea its Look a bit mystery and funny together!!


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It was okay. I didn't really like the sound effect at the beginning, it sounded too weird. I also didn't find it funny, as I could totally tell what would happen in the end. mini/confused


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I myself loved it, yes I kind of knew what would happen at the end, but the animation made up for that!
I especially liked the

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giant crash at the end.

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Great job man! I always love the look of your films. And great choice of voice actors, they both did a really great job as well. I loved the direction it was going, but i'm slightly disappointed it took the comedy route. I was actually hoping it would stay on track with the surreal "alice in wonderland-y" type thing it had going on. But either way, great film. I would love to see a longer serious, drama flick from you mini/bigsmile

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Not bad, but it seemed like you couldn't decide whether you wanted a comedy or a thriller. As Olsonstudios said, it would've been cool to continue with the feel at the beginning; from what I've seen from you in the past, and this, I think you could go either comedy or thriller, but trying to blend them in this manner didn't really work. However the animation quality was great, and the angles were really awesome and mind-boggling, and I can't wait to see which direction your animation goes in in the near future!

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Fantastic! Creative and original, just the way I like it. And once again, stellar voice from the one and only Aaron Bulger.

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Aww shucks, Sean.

I liked the buildup, but I thought the payoff was lacking. Enjoyable, nonetheless. Thanks for letting me be a part! mini/smile

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I really liked the camera angles in this. mini/smile
Slanted cameras are really delightful.
I enjoyed the joke, but I feel it could have been better. What I thought would happen in this film is the guy's curiosity compels him to open the letter, and then something strange happens, possibly going to a world where everone is strange like Frederick, and lots of crazy awesome lulwut stuff happens. Though, thinking about something of that sort, and voicing that maniacal guy inspired the short I'm currently making.
Though I still enjoyed the end.

Another thing which I though would've improved it much would be to have a scene at the beginning where "Bob" (the victim at the end) is being a total gefergan paghaker towards Jargon's character, doing some sort of amazingly rude or nasty thing to him. It would have made the choice of victim more significant, since it just looks like he went to some random house, and would give the audience the delight of seeing Bob get what he deserves.
For the animation, I think you need to work on easing.
Only other thing I thought was weird was my voice (Hahahahahaha), it seemed more of a delightful fairy tale crazy type voice, but with the creepy camera angles and music, I really should have leaned it more to the disturbing creepy lunatic type crazy. But I had no idea at the time.

Still, I think this is your best film yet. mini/smile

(I used some made-up-words here. I do that mini/tongue)

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It felt to me like many of the crazy camera angles were really out of place and a bit extreme. For example, the side-on view you used a couple times while they were talking served no purpose but to pull the viewer out of the conversation, and it did not flow very well to me. If it was focusing on the letter or the protagonist's reaction, it would have made more sense. The slightly off timing for the comedy, plus the cartoonish sound effects were a jarring contrast to the more serious tone at the start.

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Thanks all for the feedback! I think the change to comedy was interesting and new so I enjoyed that and don't think I would change that if I could. I do agree with ANP however that the story could have been better. I really like your suggestion to tie in Bob better by having him doing something to Frederick towards the beginning. That would have made the video better I think.

As far as the crazy camera angles and some of the framing... I was going for crazy and odd just to add to the mood and feel of the video. I enjoyed trying new techniques and shots in this animation and I personally really like how they turned out. The final shot with the house in it was probably the longest straight shot I had ever animated, plus it went off without a hitch. No light flicker, bumps, or anything. Really liked that shot.

Anyways, sure the film could have been better, but I really liked this one. The voice actors did a marvelous job, I enjoyed making the film, and I really liked the results. That's success for me. Thanks again for the feedback and critique!