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Paris, 1850


Paris, 1950, something strange happen.

I started making this brickfilm in Spring 2011 for the BiM 2011 TOY contest, and I released it in February 2012. But, well... I guess it was too late for the contest. mini/mrgreen

PS : Voice acting is in French, but there are subtitles. (That's why submit it on Bricks In Motion five month after I released it.)

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Re: Paris, 1850

Nice brickfilm ! mini/bigsmile

Re: Paris, 1850

Good job, Aiwha mini/delirium

   -Concept: 6/10
   -Story: 8/10
   -Cinematography: 4.5/10
   -Sound: 7.5/10
   -Animation: 5/10
   -Effects: 4.5/10
   -Voice acting: 8/10
   -Sets: 5/10

→OVERALL: 6/10

*The Overall rating as nothing to do with the other categories... It's just my overall appreciation of your film.