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A little animation I made just to prepare myself for BiM 2012 (Kitchen Sink). Enjoy!

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Oh man, you should have told me that you were going to use my voice.
I could have gotten you a much better recording if I would have known. mini/sad

Plain set, light flicker, no easing out-in, set bumps, audio not synced up all the time, Lame voice acting, (On my part) too many still pictures, Five Armies and a weird, somewhat hard to read font....Yeah, this wasn't your best film ever.

The sudden switch in music and font type wasn't so great, as it needed continuity. No shots of the "Hero" no info given as to who he is, what he does (Other than say "Banned") and not the most original plot that I've ever heard of. The idea COULD be turned into some cool, epic film. But if not handled right, well....You know. mini/wink

In conclusion: Might have been a good trailer, but a number of factors kept it from being as great as it could have.
Try making something a little more involved, and work on the animation.

Re: The Banner

Yeah, you are right, this only took 2 days to make. mini/tongue
Definitely not my best film... by far. I'll definitely work on easing in and easing out with my animation.
Thanks for the awesome help, Pritchard!

By the way, sorry for not telling you I was going to use your voice. mini/tongue