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Wait Wait No AHHHH!!!!!


Our first film in Season 2. Being a builder can't be hard right? WRONG!

Progress on next film: lego Olympics 2012

Re: Wait Wait No AHHHH!!!!!

Cons: Light flicker, prop bumping, choppy animation, the pan was bumpy and jumpy, and the first guy's voice actor needed a LOT more emotion. After all, will your voice remain clam and indifferent if somebody was pouring green radioactive stuff on you? And what was with the super-narrow aspect-ratio?

Pros: Man, that second voice actor was really good! What was his name again. mini/tongue
I like the idea behind the cloud background, although you should remove the creases, and try to hide the seams between each piece of paper better. The pile of 1X1 round plates looked like the perfect pile of radioactive pellets, so good job on that.

So, here's the numbers:
Overall: 3 (It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good either.)
Story: 2 (I hate to rate it that low, but there wasn't much to it.)
Animation: 3 (I've seen worse, but I've also seen a lot better.)
Cinematography: 3 (Ummm, yeah. This could have been handled better.)
Effects: 4 (The only effect I saw was the dumping of the plates, and although it was live-action, it still looked good.)
Sound: 2 (Where was the sound for all the radioactive stuff spilling on the ground? And what about some background music? And don't big trucks make a beeping nosie when they're backing up? At least there wasn't any blowing on the mics, although the voice acting, on both of the actors, could have been much better.)

I'm not trying to be negative, so don't take this too badly.  Just keep working at it, and you'll get better. mini/wink