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Stan's Secret 2


Directed by M. Night Shyamalan

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Although the point of this film isn't very hard to come up with I  think the animation more than makes up for that. I noticed some slight reflection issues with the firelight and might suggest you turn up the contrast. The ending was a bit disappointing as it was not stop-motion. Still, I watch your videos for the animation which is in my opinion the most important part of a brickfilm. It was true maniacal.

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Re: Stan's Secret 2

Dude i thought it was hilarious, Because of you posting this video i saw most of your other video's and subscribed!!!
great job... i gave you a 5 out of 5

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Fantastic work. I love everything about it. Now please give me back the set for Sherlock.

Brixar Studios wrote:

The ending was a bit disappointing as it was not stop-motion.

Wrong. That's what made the ending so good.

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A master piece.

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I loved the first one, and you made a SEQUEL! mini/bigsmile
It couldn't be better! I liked and favourited this brickfilm masterpiece!

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Re: Stan's Secret 2

It's really well animated, very enjoyable to watch and I don't mind the live-action part at the end of the video, I think it was pretty cool.

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Very Nice man!
I watched and liked your video,great job!

--Sandwïch, sir?--

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Well, I'm going to put my review in emote form. Because this film was very emotional for me.

Spoiler (click to read)

(1-25) mini/smile Ok, good animation, and great set. But he's a gentleman?

(26-47) mini/delirium It's funny, I like it, but I wonder what he is smelling, butter perhaps? Anyway, how is he smelling something without a nose?

(48-51) mini/love  Ah, cookies. Good idea, but I wonder how this will turn out...And now he's making me hungry.

(52-59) mini/shifty Hmmm, to close my eyes, or not to close my eyes. Now that is the question.

(1:00-1:10) mini/eh Wait, he's ruinning those good cookies....Noooo! He probably would have given any to me anyway, and maybe I'm not quite so hungry anymore...Still, the animation is good.

(1:11-1:20) mini/eek DID HE REALLY JUST DO THAT? Still, if he keeps the temp down enough it won't hurt anything....I hope.

(1:20-1:26) I sure hope minifigures can survive that without too much damage. But I can't believe he just did that.

(1:27-1:36) mini/frustrated I get the joke, but it's not that funny, and he probably just ruined that fig....Not to mention the cookies.

(1:37-1:50) You have got to be kidding me, he should have at least used a Mega Bloks figure.

(1:50-1:57) So he wasn't content to just cook it, now he has to burn it too?

(1:58-End) mini/devil Calling all true AFOLs and TFOLs, we must take action against him for harming a Lego minifigure! 

To tell the truth, other than ruining a good minifig, it was a really good movie. The animation was smooth as usual, and the story wasn't what I expected. Good job, but next time, please refrain from cruelty against a helpless minifigure.
I sure hope you aren't planning on eating those other cookies though, as the melting ABS would give off fumes that probably wouldn't be that great for you.

I know that I go on about the minifig, but really, I thought the movie was very done well. So don't pay that much attention to my ranting. And although that sounds negative, I'll sum up my final thoughts on it like this: mini/lol

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Re: Stan's Secret 2

For those opposed to live action, widen your interests.

Thanks for the comments d00dz.

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Yet another fun, silly lolwut short with amazing animation. Minifigures being destroyed can be tragic, but worth it, perhaps, for entertainment purposes. I'm sure it was done so no one would want a third. Hehe Or perhaps he'll come back anyway...

I see Stan's gained some weight since the last film.

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I was splitting my sides all the way to the bank. Nice work.

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Re: Stan's Secret 2

That was melt-in-my-mouth good.

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Re: Stan's Secret 2

AnnoyingNoisesProductions wrote:

I see Stan's gained some weight since the last film.

Think of all the butter that accidentally ended up in his mouth. S'not good for you.