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EASTER 2012: He's Alive!

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Made for the EASTER 2012 contest.

This is told from Peter's point of view, and briefly displays the story of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. Voice actors are my mom and I.

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Re: EASTER 2012: He's Alive!

Hey there Pritchard Studios,
You definitely hit the nail on the head for what Easter is about. I really like that. Technically, it was pretty good also. As for pacing, I have to say that the end is very abrupt, but I know how limiting 20 seconds is. All in all, pretty good.

Re: EASTER 2012: He's Alive!

Very well done for the limited time you had!  I'm glad your mom was able to voice-act.  I'm sorry I didn't get the message in time.  I truly enjoyed this film. mini/smile

Re: EASTER 2012: He's Alive!

Although 20 seconds can be quite limiting, that animation captured the Easter story well.  Great job!

Re: EASTER 2012: He's Alive!

Thanks for the comments, and the time limit isn't something that I'm used to, so I'm sorry about the pacing.
I'm just glad that it came out as well as it did. mini/smile