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I need vfx like Superman's laser vision and motion blur. Anyone know of a good software (other than after effects)?

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Well for the motion blur, you can use a program called VirtualDub and download a plugin called "Frame Merger" from this site.  It's a basic motion blur that is simple to use and should (hopefully) get the effect you are looking for.

As for the Superman laser vision, things can get a little more complicated.  You could use a image editing program, like GIMP, and edit each image individually.  This will be time consuming but its fairly straight forward.  There are also 3d modeling programs out there but those usually have major learning curves to them.

You can find most of the software in the Software & Hardware part of the forum.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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I think the best VFX "software" would be Hitfilm (Ultimate, or not). I think there is the best program. But if you want some effects, I think you found somewhere some effects package. But still, Hitfilm, if you don't want it, I recommend some from Pinnacle Productions, I don't know that does they have some effect software, but I know they have some effects packages or packs.
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jahshaka could help, or if you want a general laser effect, use LSmaker, very helpful with special effects, but is time consuming if you want to do it right.
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