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The price of blood money.

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Well, I did notice a lot of set-bumps and light-flicker, and the low frame-rate made the movements jumpy.
But plot twist was very unexpected,

Spoiler (highlight to read)and the brown plates were a good touch.
A real, Lego zombie would have looked much better, and the parts needed for one are fairly common.
Vader's head plopped on the policeman's body, and a gray leg on one side with a gray arm on the other would be an easy zombie, or with the right camera angles, just use any gray head and never show the zombie's face.

But you still need to work on your animation, try just doing a lot of tests, mostly walking and ease-in ease-out stuff.
The intro was good. But the ending "Ferrara Entertainment World" seemed a little to bright and happy. At least compared to what happened to the guy right before the end. (The Shrambo Studios logo looked fine, so you might want to have only that one next time.)