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Lego Skyrim - Fus Ro Dah

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Nice. I didn't know anything about Skyrim until I took an arrow to the... OWWW!

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I didn't like the scenery. I think it's better if you make it by LEGOs like many animators. I especially like CrazyED's LEGO sceneries. I mean like the trees and bushes and nature. Then blue screen behind the forest objects and it looks wonderfull. I recommend that you'll do same.

But hhh... I liked the effects and Skyrim is good game. mini/smile
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Re: Lego Skyrim - Fus Ro Dah

Thanks guys, and yeah unfortunately i don't have many green and brown pieces, so i can't really make a lego forest, i wish i could but you know, however i'll try to improve in my set designs.Anyway thanks for the comments mini/smile

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That was pretty nice, although you maybe could've work on the sets a bit more, like filming it on a green base plate etc. Otherwise it was another good one!


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