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A Game of Bones


I started this for THAC and it was written in rougly 20 minutes. Apologies for the poor writing.

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Re: A Game of Bones

That was really good! The animation was very smooth too! I subbed. mini/smile

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Re: A Game of Bones

I think the standout aspect of this film for me was the lighting. You did a nice job of avoiding the bland flat lighting that afflicts many brickfilms. The concept was interesting; it might have benefited from a larger variety of games being played, but with the limitations of LEGO, I can understand why that would have been difficult. Voice acting was decent considering it was recorded during THAC by two people who were working on their own films, and the guy who played Death sounds mighty handsome. I hear he's still acting for any dedicated directors who ask nicely.

My largest criticism would be that the cinematography strayed at times, with the minifigures' heads being cut off at odd places and an occasional shot with too much empty space. A little bit more animation during dialogue scenes would probably make them feel more lively as well. I expect both will improve with practice more than anything. I'm eager to see your next film.

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You've got a decent little THAC film here. The writing and voice acting seemed to have suffered a bit from the time frame, so I wouldn't worry about that too much. I think the biggest areas for growth would be cinematography and animation. As Squash pointed out, things are framed a bit oddly and the animation was a bit rigid and stiff.

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