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Lego Batman: Infiltration

Batman: Infiltration

Made for the Lego Super Heroes contest.
Batman infiltrates an enemy base.
By all means, please rate and comment!

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Re: Lego Batman: Infiltration

You got someone to do the explosion, good. Sorry about that, I've been sick and busy mini/sad
Anyway, the animation was pretty good. There was a little bit of light flicker and the camera quality wasn't the best. The effects and camera movement were both really nice though!
I enjoyed it and I would give it a 3.5-4/5.
Good job! mini/smile
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Re: Lego Batman: Infiltration

This is a cheesy movie.

But despite that, I really liked it and had a fun time watching it. mini/smile It's like macaroni & cheese, or grilled cheese; it's cheesy, yes, but it's still delicious. mini/cat

I particularly liked some of the things such as Batty knocking the guns out of that guy's hands, him kicking him after he was down, and a few other fight moves.

Now, the animation for the door closing was wonderful. That got an actual audible "wow" from me. I was laughing out loud through this movie.

Keep up the good work. mini/smile Love to see the action you'll dish out later on.

Re: Lego Batman: Infiltration

Thanks for the feedback! mini/bigsmile (ANP likes it! mini/cat)

@ANP: Thanks! The door animation was fun to animate, and I am very happy with how it turned out.

@Coolasice11: Sorry about your cold. mini/sad, but thanks! I was able to get ZP to do the effect. mini/smile

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Re: Lego Batman: Infiltration

Anyone else? mini/eh

Re: Lego Batman: Infiltration

It wasn't bad, but the quality was pretty bad, I mean that only 240 pixels on YouTube, so... I think you can make better. I don't even know how to can make worster quality than that. But don't be sad. I liked the effects and the movie was funny and great for FPS and animating, but little light flicking, 'cause you have Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 and I know that stuff and feeling, that's why I'll buy same camera that ANP uses. It's wonderfull. Batman is super guy! So keep going. 4/5.
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Re: Lego Batman: Infiltration

>.< I didn't see how bad the quality is... I wonder how that happened.
Anyway, thanks.