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The wise men, being all wise and everything, use the latest technology to find their way to the little baby Jesus.

I made this film for a charity to promote a contest called "Nativity Factor". They replaced my original audio track with a new, slightly less subtle one because they were worried about rights to the music. All the screams and grunts and whatnot were added by them too. Some work, some don't.

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The GPS made me laugh. mini/lol Great job as always. mini/bigsmile

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Cool video Chris, but what is that Cristmas Channel?
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Haha, hilarious dude. As usual your lighting and editing is awesome, and I love your blocky animation style. It's a shame they replaced most of your audio, in places it sounded a bit off, like the laugh at 0:38. But other than that, it was top notch and I'll definitely be re-watching this closer to Christmas.

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Please, upload the original version when you can.

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Love it very smooth and very awesome!


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I loved it. Merry Christmas. mini/bigsmile

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