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Give The Dog a Bone


All this poor dog wants is a bone to be thrown...

Music by Kevin Macleod at

Re: Give The Dog a Bone

Awesome! I like it mini/wink

But, I think the color could have been adjusted some places. The yellow and red colors on the guy looked weird some places.
The animation was smooth! There was a bit light flicker, though.
The "zzz" effects were really cool. What did you use to make it? mini/tongue


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Re: Give The Dog a Bone

yeah! really good mini/sunnies  but yes, I agree that the light changed a bit in some bits.
4 out of

Re: Give The Dog a Bone

The lighting was a bit boring, but I loved it!

Nice use of the 'PixelMotion' effect mini/smile

   -Story: 5/10
   -Cinematography: 5/10
   -Sound: 7/10
   -Animation: 7/10
   -Music: 6/10

→OVERALL: 7/10

Re: Give The Dog a Bone

Lovely, I like the choose of music here, but try to use the clay in a brick colour in the future. I mean, black floor = black clay, Brown dog = brown clay (If you have of cours). Overall, I enjoyed this one! Good work!
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Re: Give The Dog a Bone

I agree with LGFB Studios. Lighting was boring, but simple good animation, maybe a little flicking...
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Re: Give The Dog a Bone

I really enjoyed it. I loved the dog. Good work.

Re: Give The Dog a Bone

Pretty nice animation. mini/smile Relatively amusing.

But the music was awful, and very repetitive.

Re: Give The Dog a Bone

Ok here is my unofficial review......

Story: 3/5
Animation: 4/5
Lighting: 3/5
Effects: 4/5
Sound effects: 5/5

Great job on this one! mini/bigsmile I really enjoyed all of the animation and the comical plot. The lighting was a bit awkward, but still almost un-noticeable when put up against everything else. Very good! mini/smile


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