Topic: Requesting VFX - Urgent!

For an upcoming film, I have an out-of-focus grenade exploding. I have the video, but no explosion, only objects flying. Could someone make this effect for me? I'll e-mail the video file to whoever can help.


By the way, the explosion is going to be partly hidden by some boxes. And, whoever helps will get his/her Bim name in the credits.

Re: Requesting VFX - Urgent!

I could do it... PM me more info please. mini/smile
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Re: Requesting VFX - Urgent!

Stock footage not sufficient?

Re: Requesting VFX - Urgent!

I could do it.

I can get started as soon as tomorrow.

If that's too early,
I'll be available Tuesday and Thursday.

Re: Requesting VFX - Urgent!

Actually, I'll let both of you do the explosion, the pick which one I like better. No hard feeling on whoever doesn't get in, though.
Coolasice11, I'll pm you more details.
ZP, could you PM me your e-mail?

Thanks! mini/bigsmile

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