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Action on the mountain


This is a story with little plot, a Native American is pursued by two murderers. I hope you like it!

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Yeah, that's very cool. A little light flicking, but I guess you can't do nothing for it. I like that camera shakes. Effects are awesome and the story is great too. This is so good film that I can't find any else criticize like that light flicking. Very well done boys and very good job. I like that so much animators in the world. Yeah!
Jesse the Ninja - filming 50% - editing 20% - over all 35,0%

Re: Action on the mountain

Yeah little plot but Good animation mini/lol
to be honest I loved it. mostly because of the incredibly smooth animation
however I did see that you have fallen victim to the the evil Light flicker mini/troll
keep it up but maby put some more story behind it next time mini/wink