Re: What's your favourite movie?

While my all-time favorite film may still be Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the original Star Wars (from 1977) is certainly my number 2, if not number one.

The next few are probably a toss-up between Vertigo, Tomorrowland, and Batman Forever.

Re: What's your favourite movie?

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My favorite film has to be Matchstick Men. Without a doubt.

Just because Ridley Scott has to be one of the most adaptable and genre-bending directors of the past four decades or so. Not since Billy Wilder have I seen someone so deftly combine crime drama and comedy, and have it not be this overly raunchy pile of in-the-vein-of-SNL trash. I've enjoyed lots of other works that Scott and his brothers have made, but it's nice to see him take a break from his horror-movie futurescapes and his B.C.-set period pieces, and make something different--a little off-the-wall, but also fun, stripped back, and lighthearted. I'm not the biggest fan of Nicolas Cage, but this has to be one of his most entertaining and underrated performances. Great soundtrack and score from Hans Zimmer, too, one of his finest.
Matchstick Men is definitely my personal favorite.

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