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Well, the animation was pretty slow. Though i think the biggest problem was that the the film would constantly go in and out of focus. Make sure that when you are filming keep your focus on Manual at all times ( If your camera doesn't have manual focus, I'd suggest finding a new camera if you can, this page might help.

Not trying to discourage you or anything, just trying to give a bit of helpful advice

Keep 'filmin


EDIT: i accidentally put a link in my comment above that went to a Conan episode mini/lol  . Apologies to anyone who was confused by this mini/confused

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Please use another background, the green base plate looked bad. I also didn't really get what was happening.

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I agree with what was said above. For the background, you could go to walmart, target or any craft store and pick up a blue or green poster board for $0.59 and set that up on your set.

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Aye, don't be usin' that daft green basplate. For thee interior set, ye be usin' ye Lego bricks to build yeself a wall. For thee exterior set, ye be usin' a blue poster board for sky. Then, ye be coverin' the place where thee basplate meets thee poster board with somethin'. Trees, a wall, buildin's, ye be puttin' something thar.

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