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Joe Brickmond 64


After about a year and a half of silence, the wait is finally over! Everybody's favorite toilet-lover Joe Brickmond is back in action!

Shaniekqua invites Joe over to her house to have a pizza she made for him. When Joe, his dad and Bruce arrive at her house, she is missing. They go inside her house to look for her, but they find several portals instead. Joe suspects that Shaniekqua might be stuck in one of these portals, so he, his dad and Bruce must go through them and look for her. They must tackle many obstacles to bring her back home safe. Will they succeed?

Adapted from the Nintendo 64 video game "Super Mario 64"

Directed, Produced, Written, Filmed, Edited and Visual Effects by Christian Allbee (CJAproductionsINC)

Christian Allbee (CJAproductionsINC) - Joe Brickmond, Bruce McBrick, Talking Toilet, Yeti, Baby Talking Ostrich
Amanda Allbee - Shaniekqua Stackhouse
Forest Allbee - Joe Brickmond Sr.
JTProductionFilms121 - Mother Talking Ostrich
Christian Chiarani - Male Talking Ostrich
Johnathon Mizner - The Racing Crocodile

Music by Koji Kondo

"Our House" by Madness

"Brickhouse (8-bit version)" by Lancastersilk

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Hmm, the animation was fine. The voice acting was meh in my opinion, the voices kinda annoyed me. The story was okay.

This just didn't really appeal to me, but it was fine.


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You guys have come on leaps and bounds. This was really entertaining, especially for someone like me who has played SM64. Some of your animation is still a bit rough (no arm swings while walking, for example) but it's improved hugely from the previous Joe Brickmond episodes. I look forward to more from you (as long as it's not Batman, I don't like Batman brickfilms).

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Nice... mini/smile

I like turles I mean Legos mini/shifty
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EpicDavi wrote:

Nice... mini/smile

EpicDavi, you write that same thing for every video, please give actual feedback, or atleast change it up a bit by saying "Good... mini/smile " Since you write "Nice... mini/smile " for every video.

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I have changed the YouTube link