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Squad 1066 Part Four


Part four is now done! This next edition to the series is certainly the best so far! Almost four minutes of lightsaber fighting, all with effects!

Voices by Kurtis

Music by Kevin Macleod

Re: Squad 1066 Part Four

That was pretty good. mini/smile
Though, it seemed somewhat slow at times. Especially blaster bolts and the Light Saber fights. I didn't really like the fact that they talked so much too, it seemed a tad unnatural and forced. But the lighting is excelent and the animation isn't the slightest bit choppy. Good job on that. mini/smile
The bad guy design is excellent. Though his voice seems a bit weird. All it is is some voice which wasn't acted particularly well made very deep. I think it needed to be a bit more gravely, cold, and intelligent.