Re: ToY: The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

I just got to finally watch your entry and I must say I'm really impressed. Your film manages to capture the truest essence of brickfilms, making films with a toy: no blood or swearing, but a loveable story that entertains and hightens the mood. I always enjoy watching brickfilms like this.

The technical aspects were great, too. Zero mistakes and therefore, no distractions. From camera movements to animation, and the post-production elements were splendid aswell. I particularly noticed the nice and clean backgrounds.

Oh well, and to conclude: the only thing I didn't like, and I don't like at all in any brickfilms that contain it, is that strange minifig walking sound from you used briefly. Man, I hate that "Chrm, Chrm, Chrm,..."! mini/smile

But of course this is just a minor subjective nit-pick.

I give your film 8/10. Great job!