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Don't Mess With Me!

watch it!

put a bit of effort in to this so hope you enjoy!

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*Unofficial Review*

I must admit, I was quite suprised by this film. I enjoyed the entire atmosphere, and I really was entertained. I seeing a film from a newer member, I naturally assume the worst. However, this film has done its job in keeping me from doing so in the future. I can't stress enough how awesome this film is; the sound, the cinematography, great! But, if there is one thing to criticize, the ending wasn't my cup of tea... Still, I doubt that many people will be disapointed.

Overall: 7

Story: 5

Animation: 4

Cinematography: 8

Sound: 8

-JP (Sorry if we offended you in the post above mini/smile )

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don't worry
I not sure about the ending my self and I was the one who animated it:)

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Well, JP, I would say the sound was not amazing. I couldn't hear a thing of what the protagonist said. That said, I can't really tell wether the story was interesting or not, but to me it almost didn't have one. No offence, animationIsaac, it still had some good cinematography at the start, and the animation is average.

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Good work!

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yeah I had a prob with Audicity that day so you do have turn your speakers up if you want to hear what he is saying