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Back in June 2009, I began work on a sci-fi brickfilm that revolved around a toy (A LEGO minifig) building a time machine that let him travel to the past, yet he was confined to a desk. This brickfilm was an entry to the BricksInMotion STAR competition. Unfortunately, although I did get the film sent in, I did not manage to complete sound design in time.

Now, almost two years and several production company name changes later. I present to you the updated version of a brickfilm that could have been much better.

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Re: Desk Time Travel

Ahh, so this is the film you were talking about yesterday.
Anyway, loved it. I like the "classic" film feel to it, although at times I felt that the animation was a bit rushed.
Great job anyways. mini/smile
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Re: Desk Time Travel

I really liked that. I can't remember watching this the first time round, so this was entirely new for me. I must admit that some of the plot was lost on me, but I really liked your music choices, and the cartoony flairs were really charming. 4/5

It was clear that the had been cropped from 4:3 to 16:9, so there was some quality loss and some essential parts were lost off the top and/or bottom, which was a shame.

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When I started making this I really had a thing for The Magic Portal and just wanted to make something surreal, kinda.

As for the quality loss I admit I didn't own the original file so I just screencapped the original uploaded YouTube video and worked off that. mini/tongue

It's best not to take a look at the original. It's awfully boring. It just has one Incompetech track (A bad one at that), playing over the WHOLE thing.

Re: Desk Time Travel

I thought this was a very neat film though I never saw the original. 

It seemed a tad random at times but I thought it made it a bit more surreal. mini/smile

I would like to know what camera you use, its very interesting.  Its like, bad quality, but in a good way. mini/tongue

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It's the Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000. Also known as the webcam ALL the brickfilmers used back in 'the day'.

Re: Desk Time Travel

That was great, the music and sound effects really added to the atmosphere.

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