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Hello, I made a lego army, heres some pictures of it.
Tell me what you think of the army, is it good enough for a film?

~The wagon is carrying supplies like pistols, swords, ammo, etc.
~The General is in the white horse

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Depending on your cinematography skills, that's enough. You'll just have to pull off some creative shots.

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Without a lot of post-production work, it'd be pretty hard for you to show a "convincing" army in a film with "only" 10 minifigs. I say "only" because it depends on what you are trying to show. You wouldn't be able to show something like out of one of the Lord of the Rings movies - but why would you want to?

You have plenty of soldiers to show a convincing battle. After all, in most stage plays they show an "army" as being two or three people. They represent the rest of the army.

From what I can see in the photos, were you might fall down is having an opposing army and scenery. But as Sean said, careful placement of the camera can hide a lot of things.

Now all you need is an interesting story. If this is your first film, I suggest going for something short and simple first. A one minute complete film is much better than an unfinished twenty minute epic.

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Re: Lego Armys

I'm planning on building a few armies.