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Darth Vader is Lonely


This is a short I put together over a weekend. Please enjoy.

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Can somone tell me why my video came out stretched?

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great brickfilm the jokes were quite funny. but why was there just a black screen every once in a while?

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Hahaha. Pretty stereotypical but funny. Keep up the work on the animation. Great Vader voice editing. Also, you might want to increase your render size. Good though.

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The black screen is to represent the clips being segmented together in an amateur way, they were intended, if you were to watch some dating service videos, you'd be quite entertained haha. But thank you guys for the feedback.

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The video isn't stretched! It's just that youtube plays videos in a 16:9 window and your animation is 4:3 (I'm talking aspect ratios). That's why the black bars are there.