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Teh Easter Bunny


Made for EASTER Brickfilming Festival 2011 with help from StanTheLegoMan.

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This is a nice little entry, I quite liked it. Also I think Stan's voice fit perfectly for the role! Well done, and good luck in the contest! ^^
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lol mini/lol
loved it!

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That was nice mini/smile

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Very Good 5/5

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Thanks for the feedback guys!  I actually animated the day the contest was announced so waiting was boring after awhile.

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Strange what is this mini/confused

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I guess it's fashion to talk about old stuff now, so here i go:

lol it's funny mini/bigsmile 7/10

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More stupid and pointless comments. Seriously, stop bumping threads when you have nothing constructive to add.


Smalldragon979 wrote:

I guess it's fashion to talk about old stuff now

It's not.


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