Re: THAC 6 Starts NOW! [CLOSED]

Nope. 68 were submitted before the deadline. It was 67 that were counted because one guy had a black and white version and he was using the colour mod, so I couldn't count it. But then a bit after the contest he gave me a colour one to proove there was a mod element there, so it's 68.

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Re: THAC 6 Starts NOW! [CLOSED]

StevieCollins wrote:

68 actually mini/wink


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Re: THAC 6 Starts NOW! [CLOSED]

So hows the proces of judging going ?

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Re: THAC 6 Starts NOW! [CLOSED]

Can I suggest we move/delete all the pages after everyones' initial posts that had to do with THAC starting and then lock this thread? It's nice to see everyones reactions ,without going into all the other THAC related stuff.

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Re: THAC 6 Starts NOW! [CLOSED]

how is the juging going?

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