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My mom and dad are going to give me some Lego, I have some sets on my mind and I want to know witch one is best for brickfilm.

I was thinking about;
The Café Corner
Green Grocer
Fire Brigade
Market Street
Medieval Market

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They're all similar in detail and scale (though Medieval Market has several minifigures and cows mini/bigsmile).
I'd say it really just depends on your preferred subject.
- Aaron

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I think you should go for something, old, rare and really cool. Fort Legoredo, anyone?

If not, the Medieval Market.

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Go for … &d=100

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The question is what kind of movies you would like to do?
For a knights/phantasy-plots/storys the medival market place is a good choice.
I own it, and it realy looks great.

For storys which are in citys like today you better choose Cafe Corner or Green Grocer or Market Street (if you get one)