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I may be out of line in posting this in this forum and let alone this board, but I guess I'll give it a whirl. mini/lol
Welcome Gladiators!
To the first official LEGO Gladiatorial Combatant Contest. We'll be running things a little different than what most of you may be used to and we'll also be doing things differently from any other contest....

Click here to read all details of the building contest!

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wait... let me see if i have this make a movie of your custom fig fighting...? or you just make a MOC of your own custom gladiator?
is it just one still picture or a video? i don't understand this....


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No filming involved. Its a building contest. The film contest forum say its for film contest and community projects only so I was a little at a loss as to where I should post it.

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So...we're supposed to build a gladiator set?

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