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So your making a movie and you are making a character to act in it. But no matter what you do, you either cant make it look good, or you dont have the part. I made this thread so if you want to share a template minifigure or ask how other brickfilmers would create a minifig of that character, for example, a firefighter, chainsaw killer, drone, shopper, assasin, spy, ect. you can. I hope this is useful. mini/smile

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Well, I think this is a pretty good subject. I have actually been wanting on how to ask people on how to make an average looking guy. Someone you see just walking on the street, but, for some reason, he has that hint of heroism in him. How would I do that.

Good Topic Stud, grawr.


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well, for your question, I would consider using the luke skywalker head. that perfectly normal stare and expression, with a touch of that "dont mess with me!" feeling. mini/smile

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Yeah, and perhaps give him this hair in black or brown, and wearing a plain coloured top (If you have any).