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If you've ever wanted or needed to storyboard a scene but can't draw all that well or didn't want to take the time to draw them, this approach might interest you. 

I've not done much storyboarding before, but I decided I needed to for this dialog-heavy scene I'm working on.  Since my set was almost done for that scene, I decided it would be easier to take snapshots of my characters in position at various camera angles rather than making a bunch of storyboard sketches.  Then I put those images right into my script beside the relevant pieces of dialog.  That allows me to see what camera angles I want to re-use so I can shoot all those shots after a single set-up.   Here's a picture of my snapshot storyboard in my script: … yBoard.jpg

It was kind a of a pain importing the images into my script doc, so in the future, I'll probably just print little thumbnails of my storyboard snapshots and tape them right onto my script.

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Wow, that's a great idea. I'll be sure to try that one.

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good idea

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It has been done. If I remeber it correctly, Water Cooler Productions did it for his ghost train film.

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