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Rules from the original:

Blue on another unnamed site wrote:

IMPORTANT: Read these before you post.

Contest Rules wrote:

How it works:

  • One person - the 'Judge' - posts an image from a brickfilm of their choice. Please put the name of the brickfilm and the person who made it, we don't need accusations of theft. That and it's just good manners. If you can't think of a brickfilm, you can use any Lego related image, like from Blockland or Lego Star Wars.

  • You then have 24 hours (give or take a few) to post a caption for that image. I don't need to tell you that the judge can't caption their own pic. You can make as many captions as you like for each one, I'm not going to stop you - but try not to double-post. The winner is the person who the Judge believes to have made the best caption. So no complaining if you think their choice sucked.

  • After the 24 hours are up, the judge chooses a winner and two runner-ups. The winner then has another 24 hours to post another image in this thread. There are enough 'broken record' topics around here already without adding to the list.

  • If the winner hasn't done so already when the time's up, the 1st runner-up chooses the next image. If the 1st runner-up hasn't posted one after the same time period, then it's passed to the other one. If, by some sheer fluke, the 2nd runner-up doesn't post an image, then it's thrown open. If the winner doesn't want to choose the next image, then they can pass it on to the 1st runner-up. The process then repeats itself.

Rules of Conduct.

  • When announcing the winner and runner-ups, please quote their captions. This'll save a lot of confusion, especially if there were multiple captions from the same person.

  • Don't quote the image if your post is on the same page as the judge - people are perfectly capable of scrolling to find it. If you do quote an image, then please remove the image tags. Multiple copies of the same image on a page isn't fair on our dial-up users.

  • Very important - NO SPAMMING! Naming no names, but there'll be trouble if I so much as catch a whiff of it from you. You can comment on someone else's caption, but try and add your own at the same time. Again no double-posting - there's an edit button. Use it.

  • Bear in mind that we have younger members. So no improper subject matter - I don't want a repeat of what happened in my Spawn of Satan topic. And don't do anything that'll make the mods mad - or anyone else come to think of it. I don't think I need to warn you about swearing.

Lets see if we can get back on track with that last rule...

Anyways here's my picture:

From The Beast by LotL

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May as well start it out:

"I see trees of green..."

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Woah, what the heck is that!?!

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"Another Unnamed site?" You mean our home,

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"They must have divided to increase their numbers to take over Wimbledon!"

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What glasses looked like in the 1920's

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On the 15th of july 1999 DR Jones Discovered that the Specimen he was looking at was in fact... A NINTENDO 64 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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"I love how this periscope allows me to see into the ladies changing room".


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History500 wrote:

our home,

How is that our home? If any site was to be a home, this one obviously is.

Anyway, on topic; I can't think of anything...


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What're you lookin' at?


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"oh look, I think I see your mom."

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"Oh my dog! It's full of STARS!"

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"I can almost see inside this wall!"


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"Hehehe... and they think I'm looking at molecules. What idiots."

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Some of these were really good mini/bigsmile

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"I have scientificly proven the difference between purple and violet!!!"

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would you look at that! It's Bob Barr's chance of winning the election!
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Bill knew he couldn't hide his mannequin fetish for long.