Topic: Jason Bourne Is Dead Casting Call.

I need voice actors for the first part of my two part "Jason Bourne is dead" Movie. I would prefer voice actors who have seen the trilogy. Here are the parts i need, and the test lines. Just PM with the link to the file.

Major Parts:

Jason Bourne: "NY as in New York? But, then... Nicky.... Do you know who I am?"

Nicky Parsons (woman): "We need you. We have a problem."

Pamela Landy: "Yes, he saw you, and he's sent his men for you."

Minor Parts:

Police man 1 (Australian Accent, should sound 30+ years): "Don't give the NYPD crap!"

Police man 2 (Gruff voice age 20-25): "Put your hands where I can see 'em!

Radio Officer (Girl between age 18-20):  "Copy that, sending a unit in your direction."

Cab Driver (New Jersan Accent, Deep voice, any age): "Shouldn't you have called an ambulance?

Jail Guard (Very Deep voice): "Someones paid your bail, get up."

Also, i will be doing a second part, so if at first you dont succeed, try again! .........Wow, im sooooo not cool......

Thanks everyone, and if you get a major part you will also be doing the second part.