Re: Locking theory

sounds good, I am a bit of a purist though, I wouldnt do that but if it works for you then go for it! mini/smile

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Re: Locking theory

wouldn't you have to nail down the wood then too?
unless it was heavy
other than that it sounds like a good idea

Re: Locking theory

brickme wrote:

I am going to purchase a sheet of 6ft by 4ft Plywood for animating on, I am then going to get some 48x48 studded baseplates and drill a hole in the corner of each one, I can then screw the baseplates down onto the plywood to make a very good locking system, the screws can be easily covered by putting a, for instance, 4x6 brick over each one, so filming landscapes or generally anything will be a lot easier.

The good thing about it is that you can also undo the screws on the baseplate and simply use it as a wooden surface, or replace the grey baseplates with green baseplates and stuff. I think this is a good idea, what do you think?


- Very secure baseplates
- Allows for wide landscape shots
- Flexibility


- Requires a bit of space, not a problem for me though

its a good idea, but i would never destroy a good baseplate like that. i always just use a glob of clay underneath it, occasionaly tape it down, or sometimes make a technic frame that goes underneath the table to hold in place.these all work well, except the technic one becuase it takes a while to make